De Volkskrant 'The darkside of TikTok'
Sooo popular.... and yet, what are the darksides of TikTok? Illustrations made from paper accompanying an article on the dark sides of TikTok. Addiction, security of recorded data and disinformation it's all in the illustrations. Thanks to the Volkskrant for the assignment.
De Volkskrant 'AI cracks big biological riddle'
The article 'AI cracks big biological riddle' (in dutch: AI kraakt groot biologisch raadsel), with terms like bio-origamy and protein folding fit my alter ego Papernerd perfectly.
Eigen Huis Magazin 'Help, the interest rate is rising…
Inflation and mortgage rates are reaching values we haven't seen in years. I created this paper illustration to accompany this article. The balancing act was a challenge, no hidden strings this time ;-)
Hello James!
A handmade paper illustration for the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. So cool to see it printed full page.
Acces Denied
In De Volkskrant, a Dutch national newspaper, this paper made illustration for an article on how Facebook denies acces to their data.
Online DNA-test voor de Volkskrant
And another assignment from de Volkskrant about online DNA-tests. How cool to make this illustration, figuring out the DNA-streng and to see it published full page!
Heart and Soul
A handmade paperillustration for the Dutch Lawyer magazine (Advocatenblad) about a lawyer's professional distance from his client. What if a case touches you emotionally? How do you maintain the necessary distance? For the simplicity and power of the image, I imagined thinking like Noma Bar (I'm a big fan of his work) for inspiration.
Vote Green
Think Green
With the upcoming elections (17the March 2021) wouldn’t it be nice when the whole country would think green!
Quiet moments
Booklover as I am I can long for a scenery like this especially after a hectic day or week. After I made this, Uitgeverij Paris chose this image to wish the people they work with happy holidays.
‘Accept all cookies’ de Volkskrant
De Volkskrant asked me to make a paper illustration on a subject you deal with everyday, Cookies. I gladly excepted of course and was honoured they asked me! And boy am I proud of the result! Scroll down for the making of.
A typically Dutch courtroom with room for the judges, the public prosecutor, the registrar, the defendant, the lawyer and the public, not forgetting King Willem Alexander. To give you an idea of the size the portrait of King Willem Alexander is 6x9 cm.
Acces to justice
Brutal violence prevents acces to justice. After the murder on a Dutch barrister Derk Wiersum on 18th September 2019, a trial was behind closed doors.
Go to work or not?
In the beginning of March 2020 I came back from a very nice holiday, in the mountains, lots of snow and snow fun. Nothing to worry about, you'd say, but.... we were in Northern Italy. Three days after we were there the news and conversation about the coronavirus started.
Icon species Utrecht University
Am I crazy? Suus Hessling asked me if I wanted to make and assemble 4 animals for a stop motion project for Utrecht University (more specifically the exhibition Icon Species) she was working on. The partridge, the tree marten, the owl and the badger.
Papernerd stop motion
To promote my own website I made this stop motion to share on social media. If you want a short stop motion animation from your logo or company name, would like to collaborate in a similar project or just meet up for a chat or a cup of coffee, feel free to contact me.
Vertical Forest
Thursday 26th of August 2019, the hottest day ever in The Netherlands 40,7 °C (104 °F). The earth is warming up and that's no secret anymore. Especially in cities there will be a problem if it goes on like this, therefore people need to create more green areas and less concrete. Verticale forrest is one option... inspired by the heat a new paper made illustration.
Wind turbines or windmills always attract my attention. They stand proudly, are extremely photogenic, provide a beautiful skyline, look so powerful and not to forget they produce clean power. Realizing not all people are this fond of windmills which I can understand if they are placed in your backyard….
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