Happy 2024
New Year's greetingĀ for 2024. Super nice project with Jochem Van der Heide. I designed the set and made it all from paper. Some behind-the-scene footage: see below.
Paper boats for 'Stichting de Noordzee'
Props for a film for 'Stichting de Noordzee' by Hustle Creatives. The message? Stop using scrubbers - machines that 'clean' sulfur from polluting exhaust gases - on cargo ships and cruise ships. I designed the cargo ships, the cruise ships, and the fish, which were then animated in the film by Hustle Creatives below. A cool assignment, first designing the boats, choosing colors, and then putting everything together. Love it!
Fit pieces of paper
Have a look at this fit piece of paper! Oblique abs, Salto, Arches and bridges, it does it all. I can't get enough of it. Passion project together with Jochem van der Heiden.
Papernerd stop motion
To promote my own website I made this stop motion to share on social media. If you want a short stop motion animation from your logo or company name, would like to collaborate in a similar project or just meet up for a chat or a cup of coffee, feel free to contact me.
Icon species Utrecht University
Am I crazy? Suus Hessling asked me if I wanted to make and assemble 4 animals for a stop motion project for Utrecht University (more specifically the exhibition Icon Species) she was working on. The partridge, the tree marten, the owl and the badger.
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