An illustration or animation from paper draws attention at first instance. Regardless the meaning of the illustration, the visible craftsmanship and precision often evokes admiration. Whether you want to bring a commercial message across, you are after a catchy illustration to go with a story or you are looking to shape your invitation into animation:  you’d want it to stick and have people hooked on what they have just seen. Paper does that. Not because the material is so special, but because its processing is complex and intensive, which is shown and simply felt by the viewer of each illustration.
For me, I love the challenge to processing paper into something meaningful. A stack of paper takes shape and becomes a story. An old postcard transforms into a beautiful paper beetle, carrying a meaningful message. A simple A4 paper magically turns into an architectural pop-up, shaped like your own home. The actual processing creates the meaning. I love paper and like to share this passion with others. I work in assignments and partnerships, but also create my own signature artwork by letting something beautiful arise.
Would you like to know or see more? Maybe you are hesitant, as you might think what you want will be too complex, too expensive or takes too much time? Take it from me, you don't know. I personally love to think nothing is impossible! Call or mail me and we will find a way to create what you are after.
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